Architects vs. Demolition Crew

7 Oct

I was watching TBN a couple of weeks ago and I heard Lance Wallnau make a statement that literally stopped me in my tracks.  You want to know what it was, don’t you?  Okay … he said, “We need to hang out with people who are architects of the future.  Hang out with dreamers.” Is that powerful or what? I grabbed a pen and wrote it down and have been meditating on it ever since.

I am a person who believes that our future is connected to our relationships; and that our relationships are like elevators … they either take us up or they take us down. But this statement has caused me to really re-evaluate some things in my life.  I wonder how many of us would be found guilty of exchanging our dreams based on people’s limitations? I wonder how many of us are allowing a demolition crew to operate in our lives instead of architects of the future?

Can’t wait to read your comments.

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  1. Michelle L. 01. Apr, 2010 at 11:06 pm #

    Amen! We cant let someone put God in a box in our lives. They can put Him in a box in their lives, but not ours! “Dis is Mamma’s house!” :)

    Love You! Glad you and “the other Dr. Barker :) ” are blogging. They are such a blessing. Loving it! Lots of Love, Michelle

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