10 May

This morning as I was praying and spending time with the LORD, I found myself in Proverbs 8. I specifically got hung up on verse 34, which says, “Blessed is the man that heareth Me, watching daily at My gates, waiting at the posts of My doors.” In other words, it is our daily commitment (our consistency) at the gates of the LORD that is going to cause us to hear Him and the directives He has for our lives. As I began to meditate on this scripture, the word “REAL” just kept going over and over in my heart.

See … I think people are sick and tired of the religious traditions of man and fake facades; I know I am! They are looking for something … for someone that is REAL. Honestly, we are all simply REAL people, with REAL ISSUES, that serve a very REAL God! Anyway, I continued to seek the LORD as to what He was trying to say to me concerning the word REAL. Before I knew it, I had journaled the following statement: “By keeping it REAL, revelation will pour in to me and out of me.” Then I wrote down the following acronym using the word REAL:

R - Revelation
E - Eradicates and
A - Annihilates
L - Liabilities

OMG … I knew God was speaking revelation to me, so I immediately began looking up these words so I could grasp the full meaning of what was being revealed.

“Revelation” is something that God reveals or discloses that hasn’t yet been realized before.
“Eradicate” means to remove or utterly destroy by pulling up by the roots.
“Annihilate” is to reduce to utter ruin to where it is non-existence; to make void.
“Liabilities” are debts or anything that is disadvantageous; and they (liabilities) are opposed to assets!

In other words, and this is just how the LORD gave it to me … “When He reveals or discloses truth to us, it is the truth that we know that will set us free, because the truth will empower us to remove and destroy, by pulling up by the roots, the lies the devil has told us. Through revelation, the Holy Spirit will show us how to reduce to utter ruin, to the point they are non-existent, ALL liabilities … ALL roadblocks … ALL curses that are working against us! Everything that opposes us living and enjoying the good life promised us in Ephesians 2:10 will be annihilated and made void through revelation.”

LORD, help us to simply keep it REAL with You, understanding that when we live a consistent life of spending time with You and serving You, we will reap the benefits of the Revelation we need to Eradicate and Annihilate every Liability that is keeping us from stepping into our destiny and being the REAL us You have called us to be!

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