You are a WINNER

9 Feb

We are destined and empowered to WIN in every area of life. As a winner, we must make a shift in our mindset with a renewed approach that focuses on winning; we must believe that losing is not an option! How many times have we failed to pursue God’s best because we have become intimidated by the opinions of others?

I love the story where scientists performed an experiment with pike fish in an aquarium. Pike fish are known to eat up all the other fish around them. So the scientists put a barrier between the pike fish and the rest of the fish. The pike fish kept bumping his head up against the barrier and could never get to the other fish. Eventually, one of the scientists recommended that they remove the barrier to see what the pike fish would do. They removed the barrier and the other fish were swimming all around the pike fish. However, the pike fish’s mindset was, “I better be cautious because I’ve already done this before, and I could not get the food. There were barriers in my way.” The pike fish ended up dying of starvation because he let the previous barrier stop him.

We cannot allow past barriers and the opinions of others to keep us from the victory that God has for us. Winners do not say “we win some, we lose some.” No … winners say “we win every time!” Winners have a mentality that they will overcome every obstacle, and leap over every wall. Winners always win, and will not allow roadblocks to keep them from their winning future because they are determined and focused in the lifelong pursuit to win.

Winning is not a short-term thing. We are in a lifelong pursuit to win, even when faced with obstacles and roadblocks. In the face of adversity, we will press through to victory. We will win at the game of life that the LORD has put before us.

You may be facing an obstacle now, or you may be at a point of dealing with opposition. I want to encourage you through this blog and tell you that’s okay; you are going to win because at the end of anything that you are going through, you will always win.

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